Bowers and Lott 2012 Family Newsletter – End Times Edition



NEST at OST. Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team Ohef Sholom Temple

Red Ranger. Lifelines: Getting Things Done


Red Ranger. Custom-Made New Sails: Custom Tailoring


Civic Hackathon in Norfolk with Code for America Brigade. http://brigade.codeforamerica.org/locations/1/deployed_applications

Red Ranger. Cushions, Sails and Free (and Not-So-Free) Power


Washington DC to see Captain Chamberlain’s retirement and hang with KS for a day.

Red Ranger. Power Systems: We Got the Power

Arrangements for Sailing Foreign


Dinner with Lon and Miriam of Maverick.

Help Jen and Ian move. That’s how you know you’re part of the neighborhood.

Wilderness First Aid class.

Red Ranger. Enough work, Memorial Day Sail Brooke (of Liquid Therapy) took some great pictures.


OpSail 2012.

Dinner with Rob and Diane (from high school) and Don and Bobbie (only met recently).

MADExpo. A fun nerd-fest for Captain Steve.


Red Ranger. New Headsails. Raft-Up in Reedville with George and Carolyn of Indefatigable.

Huge party in Deltaville with crew of Fawkes, Liquid Therapy, Flying Lady, Green Eyes, Fortuna and Puff.

The Texas family came to visit. This worked out better than last year because we had an apartment with more rooms in which everyone could sleep comfortably.


Vacation with the family in Rehoboth Beach.

Red Ranger. Final mission-critical refit jobs.

Start discarding things that we aren’t going on the boat or to our kids.


Travel up north to give official notice to CA’s employer that she’s done working for them. Sell one of our cars to my mother for $1.

Pack the apartment into Red Ranger and a U-Haul box to be sent to the kids. Everything else went to the thrift store.

Red Ranger. Move aboard. Shore-side life is done. Boat life begins.

End of Refit Chapter.

Start of Travel 2012-2013 Chapter.


Sail to the Whitby Rendezvous. Sail to the Annapolis Sailboat Show.

Sail down the Chesapeake to Norfolk and hang there for a week.

See http://www.itmaybeahack.com/web/Cruising/Travel_2012-2013/Travel_2012-2013.html


Sail down the ICW to Charleston to spend Thanksgiving with Venerable Great Aunt (VGA) Diane.


Sail down the Atlantic coast to St. Augustine to spend Christmas and New Years. We’re killing time to do some periodontal surgery and then housewarming at our daugher’s in Las Vegas. Next year, we hope to move further south.