Bowers and Lott 2011 Family Newsletter – The Red Ranger Edition

Details: Team Red Cruising Blog


Celebrated the life of Amy Shoemaker Bowers.

Red Ranger. New filters: Big Improvements.


Red Ranger: Some small repairs. And some big repairs. Marine Life, Shafted and Patches.


Less dramatic boat projects.


Red Ranger: Tornado. Ouch. Deltaville, VA, was hammered.


Red Ranger: Fuel System FAQ. I guess the boat’s fuel system was a mess.

Family: Xander came out to see Norfolk, Deltaville, Red Ranger, et. al.


Red Ranger: The Robert O. Norris Jr. Bridge and Yopp’s Cove. And Yopp’s Cove.

Family: Diane (Venerable, Great Aunt Diane) came out to visit. As did Sara, Ian, Madeline and Bill. Family Outing, Family Outing 2.


Schenectady: Drove to NY. Epic parties with the Schenectady tribe. Some thoughts on Forming a New Tribe.

Red Ranger: Dramtreeo (a folkie band) in Reedville. Meeting New People.


Friends: Dave and Karin visited. They introduced us to Hans and Ruth.

Red Ranger: Circumnavigated the DelMarVa peninsula.

Plan: Float Plan – August 3-7

Float Plan – August 9-14

Actual: DelMarVa Circumnavigation – Retrospective.

Red Ranger: Hurricane Irene.


Friends: Jen became our first overnight guest on Red Ranger. Crabs and Friends – But No Crabby Friends


Norfolk: Moved to a new apartment. Three blocks from old apartment. Missed the Whitby-Brewer Rendezvous. Very upset.

Family: Went to Texas for the 81st birthday of CA’s father, Bill.


Family: Went to LA for the Lott Pan-Holiday Celebration. Xan and Han are doing well, thank you. Went to Western North Carolina for Thanksgiving; Venerable Great Aunt Diane is doing well, also.


Family: Two weeks in Niskayuna. Saw lots and lots of friends and family.