Bowers and Lott 2013 Family Newsletter – Cruising Year One Edition

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And yes, there are issues here. Our cruising year starts in September. The calendar year starts in January. So this is the end of year one, and the start of year two.


Our daughter buys a house.

Our son continues to make a living in the arts doing sound and music for movies, TV and web.

We hang out in St. Augustine.


We sail to tbe Bahamas and hang out. We party it up with other cruisers passing through the Exumas.


More hanging out in the Bahamas.

Then, we try to return to the US and break Red Ranger‘s engine.

We hang out near Stuart, Florida, fixing Red Ranger‘s engine.


We sail and motor up the Atlantic ICW to our home port of Norfolk, VA.

Motor to Cumberland Island, Georgia; sail to Charleston; motor the rest of the way. We don’t like to motor through the shallow coastal waters of Georgia.


We motor and sail up the Chesapeake Bay to Annapolis, MD.

We hang out in Annapolis. We party it up with cruisers who also hang out in Annapolis. Old friends. New friends.


We hang out in Annapolis while we have a new dodger built for Red Ranger.


We return to Deltaville. Red Ranger sits quietly while the crew goes to Albany and Ft. Worth to hang out with Family.


We hang out in Deltaville. Replace Red Ranger‘s chainplates. We party it up with the other marina rats in the class of 2013 who are hanging out in Deltaville. Old friends. New friends.


We hang out in Deltaville some more. Paint Red Ranger.


We hang out at Whitby-Brewer Rendezvous in Galesville Maryland. Party it up with Whitby and Brewer owners. Mostly old friends from previous rendezvous. Some new freinds who are first-timers this year.

CA becomes President of the Whitby-Brewer Association.

We hang out at the Annapolis Sailboat Show. Hang out with thousands of sailors. Run into many sailors we know.

We compare and contrast with the first years we went to Annapolis, eyes as big as dinner plates, mouths gaping open at all the sailing stuff. Now, we’re just looking at very specific things: chartbooks, cruising guides, sextant, weather books, replacement clothing.

We motor south to Hampton to hang out with other cruisers at the Snowbird’s Rendezvous.

Post-rendezvous, I rebuild the cooling system on Red Ranger.


We motor as far as Great Bridge, VA.

We hang out in Great Bridge while we have our propane system repaired and our dripless seal completely replaced.

In spite of two major repairs (engine cooling and shaft seal) we still make it to Charleston by Thanksgiving.

We hang out in Charleston with CA’s Venerable Great Aunt Diane.


We sail to Cumberland Island Georgia and motor to Jacksonville, FL.

We decide to hang out.