Bowers and Lott 2010 Family Newsletter – The Hannah Graduates Edition

Details: Team Red Cruising Blog


Skiing: Whiteface with much of the family. Lodging: the Hungry Trout in Wilmington. Extras: Geocaching around Whiteface and Schenectady.

Red Ranger: Put a kerosene heater in the saloon and started working on the huge pre-launch to-do list.


Norfolk: Continued to explore. Working from home in a very walkable ‘hood means we have at least one car too many. They sit in front of the house except for weekend trips to Deltaville or the laundromat.

Red Ranger: Worked with the Deltaville Boatyard on major surgery to her foredeck. Major surgery.


Tried to wait patiently while the foredeck was fixed.


Red Ranger: Cleaning and fixing; documentation; nice logo for the transom. We camped out on the boat — in the boatyard parking lot.


Family: CA visited the family in Texas.

Red Ranger: Installed an additional bilge pump.

Red Ranger was splashed, finally, with rebuilt rigging and a substantial deck repair.


Red Ranger: Our “maiden” voyage; stuff worked.


Skye Farm: Drove to NY to teach sailing. A record-setter: sailed every day of camp. Epic parties with the Schenectady tribe.


Family: Hannah came to visit.


Red Ranger: More sailing. more fixing and upgrading. Went on our first overnight sail to Reedville, VA.


Red Ranger: Tried to sail to West River Sailing Club for the Whitby-Brewer Rendezvous. Didn’t make it. Stuff Broke. Then we drove our truck to the Whitby Rendezvous and the Annapolis Sailboat show.

Family: Want to Texas for Bill’s 80th birthday.


Red Ranger: More Stuff Broke. 30-year-old bronze fittings in the fuel system failed. The good news? We weren’t far from the marina.


Family: Hannah graduated from UNLV with a degree in Hospitality Management. Living in Vegas, this should all work out well for her. We hope.

And Xander? Music production, composition, performance (and a day job in accounting). He has no free time. However, we did fly him to Schenectady for Xmas this year.