Bowers and Lott 2009 Family Newsletter – The “Moving” Edition


Skiing at Whiteface. Stayed at a little motel in Wilmington. Wonderful!


Preach on these two passages about Leprosy 2 Kings 5:1-14 Mark 1:40-45. We all have our personal leprosies that we try to compensate for. Tolerable!


EPUMC Variety Show. The Front Porch Rockers – well – rocked. Musical!


Visited Xander in LA. Went sailing out of Marina Del Rey. Delightful!


Getting the house ready for sale. Painting, cleaning, giving stuff away, selling stuff.

Sold KaDiMa, my 18’ Chrysler Bucaneer sailboat. Sigh.


Cindy Ann (and Sara and Great Aunt Diane) went to visit Hannah in Las Vegas.

DO’s 50th birthday. Epochal!


Teach Sailing at Skye Farm. A record-setter: sailed every day of camp. Achievemental!


Hannah come home from LV for two weeks. Family vacation in Rehoboth, Beach, DE. Familial!

Final prep before putting the house on the market. Replace basement floor, replace water softener, box what we’re keeping, paint everything. Laborial!


Sold the house. Sold or gave away or junked a mountain of stuff. Found a dinky apartment in the Ghent neighborhood in Norfolk, VA. Loaded a 17’ UHaul with everything we want to keep. Drove to Norfolk with everything.



Getting “settled” in Norfolk. Bars, Restaurants, The Naro Cinema, The Chrysler Museum.

Discovered Geocaching. See http://www.geocaching.com/. Go outside and play. That’s what Geocaching’s all about. Questical!

Fired up the Team Red Cruising Blog for blow-by-blow action on boat search, boat ownership, and – hopefully – more. Lyrical!


Went to Bradenton, FL, to see Bill and Becky. Looked at some boats. Meh.

When to Deltaville, VA, to look at some boats.

Found a Whitby 42’. It came highly recommended from several sources. Made an offer. Financial!


Survey. Sea Trials. Boat Ownership. B. O. A. T. = Break Out Another Thousand. Much cleaning and upgrading. Laborial!

Christmas in Las Vegas with the family. Familial! Twice this year: August and December.