Bowers and Lott 2008 Family Newsletter – The “West Coast” Edition

Subtitle: Last I heard, Xander moved to California and Hannah moved to Nevada.


Spamalot at Proctor’s. Second time I’ve seen the show. Hilarious.


Skiing. CA is taking Food Prep II at SCCC. Home cooking has ratcheted up a few notches.


Hannah turned 21. Perfect opportunity to visit Napa valley and wine tasting. Pictures. Pround Parent. Hung Over.


Eastern Parkway UMC Variety Show. The Front Porch Rockers were the house band. We rocked.

Also, I spoke on the subject of ways in which we are tested. See Psalm 66. Often, we are improved by the testing. We gain empathy, we can gain joy, we can find peace. And we can gain these because we have Christ’s example of loving-kindness to follow.


My offshore sailing adventure. See Etap Charter Lease. Blog. Photos. Amazing.

Here’s the draw of long-distance sailing. On watch for 4 hours. Off-watch for 7 or 8 hours. On-watch for 3 hours. Off-watch for 6 oir 7 hours. What to do with the off-watch time? Snack first, then nap? Or nap first, then snack? Life narrows down to just a few, focused activities.


Xander drives to Los Angeles. In a car. With his friend Don.

I’ll repeat that for those who are skimming. My son drove across the country. ZOMFG!1!!! Proud Parent. Worried Parent. Proud. Worried. Proud. Worried.


Hannah goes to China.

I’ll repeat that for those of you who are skimming. My daughter went to China. She’ll be in the Olympics. The Olympics! ZOMFG!!!1! Proud Parent. Worried Parent. Proud. Worried. Proud. Worried.

Her event was bag check in the athlete’s dining room.

More Sail Camp, singing around the campfire, teaching teenagers water safety and Sunfish sailing. Good week. No pix this year, too busy sailing.


Went sailing with DO and Dr. Fu.

Took KaDiMa to Moffitt Beach Campground. Great sailing on Sacandaga Lake in blustery, shifty conditions.


Lott Luau #3. Major party.


Looked at marinas in and around Norfolk, VA. Tough choice here: the Chesapeake requires a shoal-draft or centerboard boat. However, I’d prefer a long, deep- keeled ocean-going boat.

Saw Moonlight and Magnolias. What a play.


Preach at Scotia UMC on the wise and foolish virgins.

Saw Richard Dreyfuss talking about how essential it is to teach civics in schools. Democracy is hard work, and we need to educate our youth on how to do it. The current take-no-hostages, negative campaigning is a result of a poor background in basic civics.


Visit CG and HK in Rochester. Saw the Rochester edition of TubaChristmas.

Front Porch Rockers laid down some tunes for Christmas Eve service.

Kids came home from California and Nevada.

The 2008 Picture of all eight cousins.