Bowers and Lott 2007 Family Newsletter – The “Xander Graduates” edition

Subtitle: My Son Is Not A Bum.


More Skiing. At Whiteface. Stayed in the village of Lake Placid.

More Front Porch Rockers – a jazz/rock/bluegrass mashup band. Seriously. This might work out well.


More Visiting. Invited ourselves to visit C&H in Rochester. They’d moved to Seattle many years ago, and moved back to NY.

More Python. Spoke at PyCon 07.

More Music. While in Dallas, I saw my Brother-in-Law’s band, Seamus Stout at the local bar. A rockin’ good time. Buy their CD’s if you can’t see them in the Dallas-Fort Worth area bars.


More skiing.

More Preaching. This time at the Lenten service at Bethel AME in Schenectady. My subject was a list of the excuses we use to avoid seeing God in our daily lives.


More Sailing. This time in the British Virgin Islands for our 25th wedding anniversary. North-South Yacht Vacations did a nice job of prepping our boat on time. See Xmas 2003 for the previous trip. Pix and Movie(s) will follow. Eventually...

The sailing was too amazing for words. You plan for a trip like this over a period of years – saving, researching, organizing, booking the boat, studying the cruising guide and the charts. You have some expectations for how nice it will be. It was more amazing than even my vivid imagination could conjure. It was even more amazing than I dreamt it would be. I don’t want to sound wacky here, but I’m just saying.


Xander’s graduation. Movie.

More teaching; literally. Held a long, boring class on Web Services for the Syracuse ACM chapter. It’s an interesting subject. I just tried to cover too much.

More Front Porch Rockers. Learning many new tunes.


More preaching. My subject was 1 Kings 21:1-21a, which is the extremely creepy story of Ahab, Jezebel and Elijah. My theme was to speak truth to power.


More Luau! The second Lott Luau: a smaller two-keg party.

Visited Hannah in Boston where she worked as an intern for ARAMark all summer.

More Sail Camp, singing around the campfire,

teaching teenagers water safety and Sunfish sailing. Good week. No pix this year, too busy sailing.

Preach at Scotia UMC. My theme was on the “Fine Sounding Arguments” which distract us from the real message.


More Ithaca. DD and KM were out to visit his neice. We stayed at a B&B, visited Xander at Shedrake Point winery.


More sailing. This time Golden Beach state park on Raquette Lake. The boat launch is a challenge, since you basically have to back over the sandy beach. The sailing was great.


More Baltimore. We looked at marinas in the Baltimore area. There are hundreds. Using Google Earth to filter them, we visited a few. Nice, but not amenable to year-round liveaboards.

More Front Porch Rockers. After the summer break, got to relearn all the tunes.


Visited Chris and Henry in Rochester. Learned about the FIRST Lego League. Lego’s aren’t just a toy.

Federal Grand Jury. Protecting your fifth amendment rights. Here’s are some nice summaries: [Univ. Dayton] and [Wikipedia]. So far, 8 U.S.C. § 1326 cases are my favorites – cut and dried – deported, attempted to get back in. The reason for deportation may be at the fringe of conscienable, but the criminality of trying to get back in is clear.


More Front Porch Rockers music. We played at the Christmas eve service. Check out Early On One Christmas Morn for what we try to sound like.

More Techno-Geekiness. My new iPhone doesn’t like to sync with my old iMac. So I’m forced to migrate to my MacBook. I might as well upgrade to Leopard. Doing a migration from computer to computer without Setup Assistant is – frankly – stupid. But, here I am – migrating the hard way. Sigh.