Bowers and Lott 2006 Family Newsletter (10th anniversary. Really.)

The “Hannah Returns from Sweden” edition. With Pictures.


Skiing! At Gore and Mt. Tremblant. Tremblant: good – nice to have a village at the foot of the mountain; bad – parts of the town are a Disney-esque fake. Best – the bizarre layout of our hotel. Ice Bar was fun, frostbite was not fun. Photos.

We bid a tearful farewell to our musical leader, Sharon Stohrer. Buy her book, The Singer’s Companion, at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers.


The (Lead Us Not Into) Temptations did Oh, Freedom. I preached on Transfiguration Sunday.

Took some of the nieces and nephews on our first Team Red Adventure, skiing at Gore on the 21st.

Circle February 25th in red – the snow at Gore was amazingly perfect.


Xander’s elective recital was amazing. He wrote some stuff, arranged some stuff, and covered some stuff that is part of the bass repertoire. And he turned 21.


Spamalot! Last time I saw Monty Python live was the Monty Python live show in New York City in 1975 (I think).

Rick March [link], my college roommate swung through the capitol district.


Worked in Juneau:

Took Xan to Las Vegas for his 21st Birthday.


Sailing! Except for the spinnaker pole, Kadima is rock-solid. No additional repairs are in the offing (knock on wood for luck.)

Sweden! Sent Xander over to Sweeden to see the sights and return with Hannah.

Played bass on an arrangement of the famous Irish Blessing.

50! RS’s 50th birthday party.


Luau! The first ever Lott Luau: a big, two-keg 50th birthday party.

Helped DO at Sail Camp, singing around the campfire, teaching teenagers water safety and Sunfish sailing. Great week, cooperative weather. No pix this year, too busy sailing.


Went to Moss Lodge and the top of Pharoah Mountain with R&TR.

Beach! Specifically, Rehoboth Beach, DE. Mostly just lay around doing nothing. Went down to Rehoboth Bay Sailing Association and sailed on one of their sunfish in about perfect conditions.

College! Xander’s last year, Hannah’s first.


Glorious Sailing! A week on Lk. Champlain. Champlain Pictures. Movies.

SL worked in Cleveland. Not a bad place, really; much under-rated.

50! HAK’s 50th birthday party.


Sailboat Show! Annapolis. Annapolis Pictures of our new home. Maybe. At $200K, it’s not happening any time soon.

Worked in Cleveland, OH, and Santa Ana, CA. Went sailing in Long Beach. Photos someday. N 33°40‘12.00”, W 118°9‘36.00”. Try here to see where we sailed to.


Worked in Bellevue, WA, where it rains all the time. Met up with JB in Seattle.

Resurrected a dead MacBook. A big technical achievement.


Music! Formed a folk-rock-jazz band we’re calling “The Front Porch Rockers”. Really.

Had an eyeball sawed open and a piece of acrylic stuffed into the resulting hole. IV Valium made the whole thing seem like a dream sequence in a boring movie that I dozed through: either the dream sequence was incomprehensible or my dream of the dream sequence was incomprehensible.