Bowers and Lott 2001 Family Newsletter (heavy dullness)


Skiing. Every Saturday at Brodie Mountain.

Business. Last year I was helping start up CTG’s e-business offering. This year, I’m helping start up the Application Integration offering. For those outside the industry, we put in the necessary plumbing so application programs can share data and business transactions.


Skiing. Arctic conditions Gore the day we went. Painfuly cold through polypropylene long underwear, fleece pants, thinsulate snow pants, fleece shirt and parka.

Music. Conducted a kid’s band in DR’s arrangements of When the Saints Go Marching In and Amazing Grace. Performed Soon and Very Soon, I Know the Lord has Laid His Hands on Me and Just a Closer Walk with Thee. Also helped arrange a version of Duke Ellington’s Come Sunday for Xander on the acoustic bass and DO on sax.


Skiing. Went to Gore the weekend after the blizzard. Wow! All the loose stuff on top of the ice was hard to ski in.

Performed Just a Closer Walk with Thee.

Spoke to the AS/400 User’s Group in Syracuse on Java and web programming.

X’s dinner theater. An absolute riot. The high-schoolers did a couple of short plays that involved maximum hamming-it-up.


ACM Seminar in Syracuse on UML and OO techniques. Dinner with DO & Dr. FO.

Saw one of my sisters in a “staged reading” of a play. A staged reading is spare and direct, but a play’s about words in the first place. Minimizing the action can prevent diluting the impact.

Long weekend in Las Vegas.


Entities and Objects presentation for DAMA chapter in Atlanta.


Worked with some other men to create a one-time Barbershop Quartet. Downloaded some tunes, got a few others from some local S. P. E. B. Q. S. A. members. Not great, but we pulled it off.

Took the boat out for a wonderful early afternoon sail. Still seem to have a problem; I now suspect mast rake angle.

Garrison Keilor and “A Prairie Home Companion” at Tanglewood <I>plus</I> dinner at the Blantyre. Thanks WAMC.


Diving at Roger’s Rock w/ DT, KD and young Kyle.

The expedition to Bonaire, 2001 edition. See the trip report for glorious details of diving, diving, diving.

Business. Reorganization. I’m no longer doing enterprise application integration.


Week with the whole clan at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Couple of pleasant afternoons sailing sunfish at the Rehoboth Bay Sailing Association.


Picked up a Maradeur, a 18’ wooden boat, named Dotty Did. Parked it in the yard for refurbishing.

Where were you 9/11/01? I was driving to Syracuse, to meet with the AS/400 users group. PM and I went sailing on Onondoga lake – celebrating life. Cindy Ann called me with a very terse, “listen to the radio, now” message that warned me of the severity of the disaster.


High school concert in memory of the 9/11 disaster with Claude T. Smith’s arrangement of Eternal Father Strong to Save, Elgar’s Enigma Variation IX, “Nimrod”, and Pater Wilhousky’s arrangement of Battle Hymn of the Republic. A three-hanky concert.

Finally got to see the various in-laws, nieces and nephews down in Dallas. A&BB, S&JF and little MF and IF.


Started the Yahoo! group Clan Bullock to coordinate and track family activities.

Performed Just Over In The Glory Land with the church choir.


Hannah finished her 9.11 collage. I’ll try to post a photo of it - it’s large and wonderfully detailed, so it’s hard to reduce for upload.

Shopping in NYC. Saw the sky show at the Hayden Planterium. Visited ground zero.

Xander played some christmas carols on the bass (stand-up, accoustic, double-bass, bull-fiddle) on two occasions. Why are people amazed when they hear that sweet, full melodic sound of the bass?

Hannah played the triangle as part of the accompaniment on Gesu Bambino, giving that sharp, clear bell that’s called for.

Cindy Ann sang with the Holy Torch and Twang on pieces too numerous to mention. Five women in close harmony is a wonderous thing to hear.