Bowers and Lott 2000 Family Newsletter (Mind-numbingly dull)


Welcomed Y2K with the extended family. At 7:00 PM EST had our “the world hasn’t ended” toast to the passing of midnight GMT. Failed in my attempts to explain the significance of GMT to the non-techincal relatives.

Managed to finagle a business trip to Salt Lake City, UT. When skiing at Snowbird. Skiing in the rockies really is different; not like the east.

Watched the Lious Vuitton 12m races, qualifiers for the America’s Cup. Learned that I don’t know squat about sailing yet.


Spent part of every week in Buffalo, NY. Now that I’ve gotten to know it better, it’s still great to leave.

Last of the big New Year’s celebrations with HK, CG, DW, BW and all the kids. HK&CG moving to Seattle <sniff>. Coming years will be very different; not the same crowd.

Launched Zenius, the e-Business subsidiary of CTG. After 20 years, I’m hoping that this is something different.

Performed Swingin’ with the Saints, a jazz arrangement of Swing Low Sweet Chariot and When the Saints Go Marching In.


Skiing at Killington and twice at Gore. Foggy again this year (see 1998 for comparison).

Performed the classic Just a Closer Walk with Thee.


Rebuilt trailer hubs – new bearings and races. Built a gin pole for mast raising; not happy with the results. Back to the drawing board.

Started daughter in SCUBA course.


Endured my first full capsize. 55 degree water really takes your breath away. Glad I had on my PFD. Xan was the hero of the day - even though I righted her, he put all the stuff in, vaulted into the cockpit, figured out how to get her stopped after she took off in the heavy airs, and hauled me in when I couldn’t do the leap into the cockpit thing.

Memorial Day weekend, took the wife and daughter out sailing. Got becalmed.

Performed Ol’ Time Religion Medley, including Gimme That Old Time Religion, It’s Me Oh Lord, and others.


Daughter’s checkouts on the shores of Lake George. She was fabulous - dealt calmly and skillfully with everything. Sailed once or twice.

Grand opening of Zenius accelerator in Atlanta. Many sales calls, no closes.


Best man at DD & Dr. KM’s wedding in San Diego. Chartered a Catalina 34 (the “Dekan Nilias”) from San Diego Yacht Charters. Big boat is different; nothing like the dinghy. Got my PSIA “You Can Charter Up To 36’ for Coastal Sailing” card.


Rendezvous with JH to sail on Schroon Lake. The son-in-law and daughter of the original owners of my Bucanneer saw the boat and stopped by. What are the odds of that happening? Mystery solved: Kadima = Katherine, Diane and Mary, daughters and wife of the original owner.

Diving with DT and others in Skaneateles lake. Thanks to the folks at NAS.

Chartered an Ericson 30 (The “Swell Shelter”) from Atlantis Yacht Charter in SF Harbor. Great sailing until the fog rolled in. Then we crept from bouy to bouy until we got out of the soup and into the lee of Angel Island.


Entered the Glimmerglass Regatta on Otsego lake. Thanks for a lot of fun, folks. I need to modify my jibsheet fairleads.

Took the kids SCUBA diving at Roger’s Rock campground on Lk. George. Dive skills were great! Nice work, kids.


Went to the big US Boat sailboat show in Annapolis. The new boats look great. Tried to focus on boats I’m certified to handle (up to 36’), but oh those 40’s!


Skiing on 24th at Hunter Mountain. First time ever skiing in November, first time at Hunter. Conditions were great.

Performed What a Friend We Have in Jesus.


Baptism of my newest godson, Sumner.

Flew my 100th segment with USAir – now I’m Chairman’s Preferred, a dubious distinction.

Blurry, low-rent family picture.

family picture