Bowers and Lott 2002 Family Newsletter (extreme dullness)


Skiing. Every Saturday at Jiminy Peak; skiing was easy and comfortable.

Cindy Ann went to London for her birthday with AES; trip was a much-needed escape.


Skiing. Jiminy. Easy.

Music. Again, worked with the church kid’s band in DR’s arrangements of When the Saints Go Marching In, Amazing Grace, and Samson Needed the Trim. Performed Precious Lord. Xander did the real conducting this time, and also played his arrangement of Duke Ellington’s Come Sunday on the acoustic bass with Hannah on drums and DO on sax. Music was rockin’.


Skiing. Went to Whiteface with {D,H,S and P}M; skiing was icy and difficult.

Quilting. CA went to Dallas.

Music. Xan played with Suburban Council orchestra in the Egg in Albany.


Into the Woods. #1 Son played bass in the pit orchestra; excellent show.

Long weekend in St. Petersburg, FL: chartered a boat with Annapolis Sailing School and took their course 222, introduction to cruising.


Swing in Spring concert with the Holy Torch and Twang and the (Lead Us Not Into) Temptations and the Rock ‘N My Salvation Rhythm Section. CA is in the HT&T and the LUNITS. I’m the the LUNITS and the RMS Rhythm Section. Han is the the RMS Rhythm Section. Xan has his own gigs. CD is available.

Concert season. Xan is in almost every concert, and almost every group: Orchestra, Band (playing Bass!), Chorus, Choir, Ladies First, Studio Singers. The list goes on.

Hannah’s Girl Scout Silver award ceremony. The second highest honor girl scouts can acheive. Her troop’s project was to collect books for the Northeast Parent and Child Society (NEPC) and Schenectady Inner City Ministry (SICM). They collected over 2000 books!


Xander and his friend CG produced their play A Civil Christmas (Old Style) at Eastern Parkway United Methodist Church. It was an absolute riot. Video tapes are available; call or write.

The High School Prism concert. Xander played the double bass in the Band, in the Orchestra, in the Chamber Strings, and in a duet with a flutist.

Hannah’s confirmation into the Methodist Church.

Billable gig for CTG, first in while.


Sail camp for a week at Skye Farm. Sunfish sailing almost every day. Brought KaDiMa and sailed that around at Silver Bay. SKA organized two Hunters (33.6 and 25) from a friend of hers and Camp Chingachgook.

Hannah had the worst-ever case of poison ivy. Picture.

Xander went to the N. Y. State Summer School of the Arts (NYSSSMA) camp at Skidmore. Master classes taught by members of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra.


Hanna family reunion, plus visit from the Bowers parents and the Fay cousins.


Performed What A Friend I Have in Jesus.

Started a billable gig commuting to Buffalo every week.


Performed Jesus Love Me Medley and Swingin’ with the Saints, as part of the Rock ‘N My Salvation Rhythm Section.

Xander did Spider-Man at Blockbuster for a day. I helped make kid ID videotapes; a little service that Blockbuster offers.


Empire State Youth Orchestra concert at Troy Music Hall. Nice Job, Xander.

Skiing at Killington on November 29th. Snow was somewhere between amazing and awsome.

Made a 2002 Holiday Greetings movie.


Audition for Ithaca College on December 7th.

Rocked out at EPUMC with Back to the Stable, a more-or-less original composition, and far more rock-n-roll than our usual gospel tunes accompaniment.

Melodies of Christmas concert with Empire State Youth Orchestra, broadcast by WRGB, channel 6. An amazing concert.

Christmas Blizzard of ‘02, several feet of snow. Hannah got some great pix. Travel too difficult to ski; but we did have two Christmas parties: on the 25th and again on the 29th for those who couldn’t travel on the 25th.

PS. Hannah wishes everyone a Happy Hannahka.