Bowers and Lott 1999 Family Newsletter (tedious, boring & dull)


My sister EAL got married again. Same guy. Great party.


Skiing every Saturday night (1700 to 2300). Some nights were very very cold, other nights the snow was lousy. Had a great time.

Cable TV. The kids begged and the adults caved. They think it’s great.


Skiing at Killington and Whiteface. Skiing was great – no bad accidents.


CTG conference in Orlando, FL. Took the kids (and my mother). They had a great time at “the attactions”. We also went to Wakiva springs – to get away from whatever it is that attracts people to large, crowded, noisy, all-plastic places.


Taught Java for the Syracuse ACM chapter. Great bunch of students.

Rewired the boat trailer, installed Bearing Buddies, regreased the hubs. A boat is great fun.


Did some sailing. Went out in some pretty gusty conditions. Xan figured out that we would sail flatter if we eased the sheets a little more promptly when sailing downwind. Great advice.

Went diving in Bonaire. Details in a trip report; pictures in an on-line scrapbook. The diving was great.


In-laws came up for two weeks. Played some golf, went out to some nice restaurants. It’s great to see them.

Two weekends of sailing. Wife and I had a great time just the two of us.

RR stopped by on his way to MacWorld in NYC. No free iBook for us.


Went back to Paradox lake, where I had my first sailing knockdown last year, and spent 5 solid hours doing some great sailing.

D&HM and the kids (S&P) stopped by for a weekend. Played some golf. Showed my Bonaire slides. Yes: actual plastic slides.

Went to Chez T. (saw KD and young KT) to do some great diving in Skaneateles lake.


Spent a week in Rehoboth Beach Delaware, watching the seas kicked up by 40kn winds. Great waves, but no swimming allowed.

Went canoeing with the “Old Farts” up the Fulton Chain of lakes.


First business trip to Europe. Great time in Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Siebel User Week in San Diego. Cap Gemini sponsored a day of racing in San Diego harbor. The boat I was on came in 3rd! We lead the pack until the final down-wind leg. somehow we got passed, and couldn’t make it up going back to the line. Any day sailing is a great day, watching our skipper (Keith E.) guide us into the lead was a life-time lesson. Stayed with DD & KM, thanks.

Went apple picking with R&BR (and the boys). A great day gathering the fat of the land, and larding up on cider donuts.


25th High School reunion. Thanks to all who came and brightened my life by their greatness. Thanks to all who organized this year’s party.


My first customer-schmooze on the golf course. Twice (that’s 2 times) I chipped in from off the green to save a par! Now that’s some great golf. Those two shots made the other 126 worth-while.