Bowers and Lott 1997 Family News Letter (very dull)


Worked in Albany, lived at home, big change from last year at this time. Did some skiing in Adirondaks (near Lk. George).


Worked in Albany. Did some skiing. Made up for previous years by staying home with kids each school holiday, snow day, etc. Worked on primitive ham radio receiver with limited success. Visited DO in Syracuse.


Spoke at CTG’s year 2000 conference in Florida. Important lesson: avoid places an hour’s drive outside Orlando – there’s nothing there! It’s not very scenic, nothing at all like Lk. George.


Went on 3rd honeymoon; this time in New Orleans. See Virtual New Orleans and New Orleans Connection City Guide. Built impedence measurement circuit. Important lesson: either (1) my ham design models are invalid or (2) the measurement circuit is badly out of calibration or (3) it’s all a sham and the Ham radio people really use telephones.


Helped #1 son start openwater SCUBA certification. My certification is SSI, his is NAUI, so I wanted to be sure I relearned the skills his way, instead of confusing him by doing things differently. RR and wife and kids stopped by.


Helped #1 son finish openwater SCUBA certification course in the cold, clear waters of Lk. George. Went sailing on a J-24 and an O’Day 25 (nicknamed Tubby, due to it’s wonderful beam and lousy performance) on Lk. George. Assigned #1 daughter to keep checklists for vacations. Important lesson: always hurl over the lee rail.


DO and wife stopped by, went to Lk. George and Prospect Mountain. Spent a week at summer camp near Lk. George teaching 12-year olds to sail (Sunfish), snorkel, canoe, etc. Important lesson: avoid kids with serious emotional problems.


Got to sail on 12-m America’s Cup Yacht Easterner! I was in the right place at the right time. (And an A-list invitee cancelled, pulling me in off the B-list).

In-laws stopped by, did much golfing, went boating on Lk. George. DT and KD organized a wonderful dive weekend on Skaneateles Lk. (Thanks!)

Spoke at CTG’s Enabling Technologies meeting in Keystone, Colorado. Learned that altitude sickness is very real. To ski happily out west, don’t ski the first day; try to rest and acclimatize.


Spoke at CTG’s Millennium Services meeting in Tucson, Arizona. Very dry there. Not at all like Lk. George. Must be more careful who’s in my audience when I denigrate corporate resources: they’re from corporate they think they can help, often they can’t take a joke. I guess it was a CLM (Career Limiting Move).


Wife’s co-worker, JP, told us of “leaf-peeper” tours at the club airstrip where he parks his plane. Our pilot made it look as simple as falling off a cliff. He said owning a plane is cheaper than owning a boat. From 2000 feet you can see a lot of upstate NY.


Shrubs crushed to component molecules by early, unexpected snow. Thanksgiving with in-laws in Nashville. Visited LR in Memphis. Started researching boat ownership. See sailing links. Important lesson: 2 happiest days in a boat-owners life: the day he buys and the day he sells.


Saw PM, wife and two kids. Saw RS, wife and kid. Unfortunate accident playing with daughter: slid her into the wall, breaking her little toe. Poor kid has to struggle around on crutches. I set up a little stool by the fire place so she could repeat “God bless us every one.”

This was the first year in almost 15 which we have not celebrated the new year with HK, CG, DW and families. DW and family were in China, so we’ll do Chinese New Year around Jan 28.