Bowers and Lott Family News Letter (dull)


Worked in Syracuse, did some skiing. Family healthy.


Worked in Albany, Nashua (NH), Troy. Did not see family much.


On the “bench” – doing nothing. Saw the family way too much. Starting boating safety course. Learned two useful things: A boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money; the two happiest days in a boat-owner’s life are the day he buys his boat and the say he sells it. Important safety tip: don’t be lied to–boats don’t appreciate in value.


Worked in Philly and Cleveland (funny name for a planet). Visit from the DD and KM. Went scuba diving in Lk. George (44 deg. F.–too damn cold until my feet went numb, then it was okay.) Saw the family occasionally.


Did some work in Jamestown, NY. Did not see family much.


Got hit in the butt by a large disk brake/front strut assembly. Got a 12 cm hole, 6 raggedy stitches. After brief hospital stay, saw family a whole lot – mostly from the couch.

Took family to Bonaire for scuba diving/snorking vacation. What a treat – dive every day, snorkel three times a day. Took a driving tour through the rugged “national park” (undeveloped wilderness) in a 4WD Suzuki. Bonaire is a gem of an island – thinly populated, pristine reef, minimal glitz.


Started annoying commute to Rochester. Went to RW’s non-wedding. Didn’t see the family much. Did an all-nighter to recover a lost database (not a real positive kind of milestone).


More annoying commute to Rochester. Took vacation while the in-laws were up to visit. Had a perfect day boating and snorkeling on Lk. George.


Speak to APPC on subject of 3-tier CS development. Start at an assignment in Albany! Saw the family again.


CTG’s Client-Server Virtual Team annual meeting in Clearwater, FL. I organized the program, and it worked – all speakers and presentation technology came together. Hard to believe. No diving, however, as weather was too rough in the gulf. I showed up a day early on the hope that I would get to dive. Oh well.

Missed WH’s visits to Utica. Spoke to Syracuse ACM on Web, CGI and Java.


Spoke to /cny user’s group on Web, CGI and Java. Spoke to Albany staff on Java. Saw HK’s new baby, Alexander, in NJ. A normal home life for the first time in years. Saw just enough family. Decided to study for Ham radio novice class license. Found Morse code training software. Doing okay at learning the code. With my luck, they will drop the requirement about the time I’m ready to take the exam. After pouring two skunked batches down the sink, made some good beer again.


More normal home life. Working in Albany. Buying holiday gifts. Going to Schenectady Symphony concerts and Middle School music nights, too. A round of holiday parties. Got to start planning next year’s vactions – bareboat chartering course in Annapolis (or maybe Miami or possibly B.V.I.)