Steven F. Lott, CCP

Mr. Lott has extensive experience in all phases of systems development. He has managed system development, including costing, planning, staffing, risk assessment, scheduling and supervision. He has performed a wide variety of technical tasks, including requirements analysis, architecture specification, detailed design, implementation, testing, training. He has written winning proposals and made marketing presentations.

Mr. Lott’s management experience has focused on software development projects for a wide variety of clients. Some projects had detailed milestones and deliverables, while others were level-of-effort (or support) activities. Supervision included career planning and performance reviews for a technical consulting staff which grew to ten members.

Mr. Lott’s technical experience includes numerous assignments in a broad variety of hardware/software platforms, using a variety of programming languages. System architectures include batch, interactive (server-centric), client-server and distributed real-time. Application areas include internet, data warehouse (OLAP), data processing (OLTP), engineering, process control and military systems. Programming models include object- and non-object-oriented models. Experience with data architectures covers the spectrum from micro-processor controls to the most popular relational-model database systems. Experience with control logic ranges from simple programs through sophisticated implementations of advanced algorithms, including inference-making production rule systems. Experience with communcations architectures encompasses stand-alone processes to large multi-tasking programs, and also includes n-tier client-server architectures.

Mr. Lott’s marketing experience focused on qualifying, bidding, and staffing system and software development projects for clients. This included fixed price and time and materials work. This consultant has made key contributions to winning propoals for multi-million-dollar projects.

Mr. Lott’s communication skills are outstanding. He has developed and conducted courses on a wide variety of technical and managerial topics for clients. His energy and enthusiasm have lead to numerous invitations to speak for clients, professional associations and CTG meetings.


  • June 1978 - present - Computer Task Group - Various Titles and Locations
  • May 1977-May 1978 - Syracuse University - Programmer ALTERACTS, ALTERACTS Building
  • September 1976-May 1978 - Syracuse University - A.I.D. A.I.D. Office, Machinery Hall
  • August 1975-May 1976 - Syracuse University - Programmer International Relations Program, International Relations Building


March 2008 - Present - CTG’s Group Risk Improvement Predictor

Develop SaaS solution for underwriting and actuarial analysis of small groups using supplemental information and advanced actuarial models. The application is a sophicated, multi-tiered web architecture.

Skills: Architecture, Web Services, WWW, SQL, Apache, MySQL, Python, Django, Linux, Unit Testing, Object-Oriented, Komodo Edit, Dell 64-bit

November 2007 - FEDEX Trade Network (FTN)

Convert a very complex legacy C program to Java.

Skills: C, SQL, :language: Java, iBatis, Object-Relational, Unit Testing, Linux, Object-Oriented, NetBeans, Dell Server

August 2007 - BCBS Mississippi

Plan the conversion of legacy Member and Billing application from COBOL/VSAM to a modern, web-enabled RDBMS implementation.

Skills: Leadership, Project Review, Management Presentation, Architecture, Enterprise Integration, COBOL, VSAM, DB2 Java, Project Planning, WWW, Linux, IBM OS, Dell Server

April 2007 - HealthNow

Several small engagements related to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and replacing legacy C++ with a simpler, easier-to-maintain Sun/JCAPS Java solution.

Skills: Leadership, Project Review, Management Presentation, Architecture, Enterprise Integration, JCAPS, Java, Web Services, Linux

November 2006 - Excellus

Examine the current architecture for mission-critical applications at Excellus. Recommend improvements and cost-savings.

Skills: Enterprise Integration, Management Presentation, Architecture

November 2006 - Binghamton University

Examine the current architecture for all applications at Binghamton University. Recommend improvements and cost-savings.

Skills: Enterprise Integration, Management Presentation, Architecture

November 2006 - Coinstar

Examine the current architecture for all back-office applications in use at Coinstar.

Skills: Enterprise Integration, Management Presentation, Architecture

October 2006 - February 2007 - Wells Fargo Bank

Examine the current level of intranet web usability by a series of interviews with executives, key stakeholders and representatives of a variety of classes of users. Helped identify changes that could improve quality of phone banker performance. The content was hosted in Stellent’s CMS.

Skills: Management Presentation, Architecture, Content Management System, WWW

September 2006 - Key Bank

Taught COBOL, SQL, DB2 and CICS.

Skills: COBOL, SQL, DB2, CICS, IBM OS, Training

May 2006 - July 2006 - Alaska Department of Education and Early Development

Review data warehouse requirements, propose a suitable architecture to leverage the state’s student information. Created initial star-schema data model based on data sources and reporting requirements. Reviewed development activities, and helped identify need to rework manual data-handling procedures.

Skills: Management Presentation, Architecture, Data Warehousing

April 2006 - May 2006 - Research Foundation of the State University of New York

Implement web self-service portlet using Oracle’s identity manager and Oracle’s Portal products in addition to existing Oracle databases.

Skills: Java, SQL, LDAP, Oracle, Solaris, Oracle Web Server, WWW, Object-Oriented, HTML, struts, JDeveloper, Sun Sparc

February 2006 - May 2006 - BP Lubricants

Analysis of Predictive Analytics opportunities at BP; determine business case and requirements. Compare various products to see which have a better fit with the business and recommend an architecture for integrating the selected product.

Skills: Management Presentation, Architecture, Project Planning

March 2005 - September 2005 - RSA/Fiserv

Review data warehouse architecture, as well as new application software architecture. As new users of Oracle, they needed extensive help in installation, configuration and conversion. Recommend integration and conversion strategies and suggest appropriate development tools.

Provide advice, recommendation, training and consulting for new Oracle DBA’s and developers.

Skills: Leadership, Project Review, Management Presentation, Architecture, Data Warehousing, Python, Java, Oracle, Linux, Object-Oriented

August 2005 - HealthNow

Examine the current architecture and make recommendations for directions to reduce operating costs. Central recommendation was to reduce the number and complexity of point-to-point interfaces, and replace them with a formal EAI (or SOA) implementation. January 2005, Research Foundation of the State University of New York

Examine the current level of web usability by a series of interviews with executives, key stakeholders and representatives of a variety of classes of users. Four key initiatives were identified: personalization, collaboration, better management of policy and compliance content, and additional requested content. Helped identify and select portal components and architecture. Since they are an Oracle organization, we used Oracle’s identity manager and Oracle’s Portal products in addition to the existing Oracle database and financial applications.

Skills: Leadership, Project Review, Management Presentation, Architecture, Enterprise Integration, JCAPS, Java, Web Services

December 2004 - BP Exploration (Alaska)

Examine current initiatives and recommend an architecture that could be used for the coming year. Interviewed line of business stakeholders. Identified information needs, information sources, and changes being made that could prevent delivery of information. Determine the proper use for data warehouse technology.

Skills: Leadership, Project Review, Management Presentation, Architecture, Data Warehousing, Project Planning, Linux

June 2002 - December 2004 - HSBC Bank, NA

Financial Data Warehouse architect. Define data and processing architecture for a data warehouse to integrate all financial risk and regulatory reporting information from 43 applications. Source data was extracted by a monthly snapshot and included millions of customers and customer account arrangements, as well as data from all ledgers, and consolidated information from multiple legal entities; the warehouse content provided supporting details for consolidated statement of condition reports. This project was in parallel with efforts to standardize bank codes and rationalize the chart of accounts across several acquisitions and legal entities. ETL done with the ETI product; Data kept in DB2; processing in J2EE Java applications including batch and web components. All design models done using Rational XDE.

Skills: DB2, AIX, Project Planning, Directing Effort, Java, shell script, Data Modeling, Data Warehousing, Object-Oriented, Eclipse, IBM p-series

January 2001 - April 2002 - CTG

Practice Director for CTG’s Application Integration practice. Develop staff, and marketing plans, support sales and delivery of Enterpairs Application Integration tools and techniques.

Skills: Enterprise Integration, Marketing, Staff Development, Directing Effort, Tibco, Web Services

January 2000 - December 2000 - CTG

Developed CTG’s e-business solution. Lead R & D efforts selecting key technologies and products; lead Internet Strategy group and Solution Architecture group. Developed an e-business vision approach, developed several multi-million dollar opportunities.

Skills: CRM, Marketing, Staff Development, Directing Effort, WWW, Web-enabled, Internet Strategy, Linux

July 1999 - December 1999 - CTG

Developed CTG’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offering, creating delivery skills focused on installing and customizing Siebel’s application software.

Skills: CRM, Marketing, Staff Development, Directing Effort

December 1998 - June 1999 - Fleet Technology Solutions

Support TeleSales (Telephone Banking) migration from Scopus 5 to Siebel 99.

Skills: Oracle, Sun Sparc, DEC (Compaq) Alpha, Solaris, Windows/NT, PL/SQL, Open VMS, Project Planning, Directing Effort, C++, Shell Script, Sizing, Performance Tuning, Data Modeling, UML, Object-Oriented

October 1996 - Xerox, Corporate IS Planning

Support Xerox strategic planning effort. Help draft database and middleware section.

Skills: Technical Report, Client-Server, Object-Relational, CORBA

September 1996 - November 1998 - Fleet Services Corp., ACE Development Team

ACE (data warehouse) maintenance project leader. Supported ACE warehouse through a variety of projects to extend content and correct bugs. Database size 400Gb, 120 million account history records. Also TeleSales (Telephone banking) application development database analyst. Did database sizing, wrote legacy system interfaces, helped specify tools and process for development, maintenance and production. Telesales production pilot completed on time and under budget. Database size 56Gb, 18 million customer records.

Skills: Oracle, RDB, DEC Alpha, Sun Sparc, Open VMS, Solaris, PL/SQL, Project Planning, Directing Effort, C, DCL, Shell Script, Sizing, Performance Tuning, Data Modeling, Data Warehousing

September 1996 - CTG, Enabling Technologies Virtual Team

Organize program for first annual Client-Server virtual team meeting.

May 1996 - September 1996 - Kodak

Database Administration for world-wide logistics system (WWLIS). Supported production and development instances. Did installation of new installations of the system. Did some Designer/2000 repository reconciliation after production system alters. Did some performance tuning. Corrected faulty backup procedures and did several restores from hot backups.

Skills: RS/6000, IBM SP/2, Oracle, AIX, Sizing, Performance Tuning, Backup/Recovery, Production Installation, Repository Management, Designer/2000

May 1996 - June 1996 - Sequoia Pacific Voting Equipment

Oracle7 - PowerBuilder 2-tier client-server application tuning. Some poorly designed transactions would have executed for 2,000 hours. After application and DB changes, they ran in under 1/2 hour.

Skills: Oracle, Intel Workstation, Windows/NT, Performance Tuning, Client-Server, Troubleshooting, PowerBuilder, ODBC, SQL

April 1996 - CTG, SMS Project Team

Lead technical team which reviewed implementation of a client system which failed to meet requirements on time or on budget. Examined platform, database, design and implementation.

Skills: Leadership, Project Review, Management Presentation, IBM PC, DEC Alpha, Windows/NT, Digital Unix, Sybase, SQL/Server, Architecture, Client-Server

February 1996 - Lockheed-Martin, Commercial Electronics

Taught Oracle SQL, PL/SQL and Pro*C to development staff.

Skills: SQL, Oracle, PL/SQL, Pro*C, C, Training

January 1996 - March 1996 - Lockheed-Martin, Commercial Electronics

Mentor project team in SQL, Oracle concepts and Oracle tools. Develop a small software component to run reports and route them to any printer in the plant.

Skills: Oracle, OMT, Analysis, Architecture, Design, Software Development, Integration, RS/6000, AIX, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Script, Object-Oriented

December 1995 - CTG, Metals Center

Technical review of 1/Vision product architecture and implementation.

Skills: Oracle, Sybase, GUI Design, Technical Review, Project Review

October 1995 - Lockheed-Martin, Commercial Electronics

Taught Embedded SQL and Perl to Lockheed Martin programming staff.

Skills: PRO*C, Perl, SQL, C, skill:Training

September 1995 - November 1995 - Agway, Retail

Taught Oracle and Unix to CTG staff assigned to Agway outsourcing contract.

Skills: Unix, Oracle, SQL, Training

May 1995 - Empire Blue Cross

Teach Unix to staff at Empire Blue Cross.

Skills: Unix, Training

May 1995 - January 1996 - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Ongoing support and mentoring for departmental Oracle7-based client-server system. The application was Prism’s FAMIS maintenance system. Setup procedures to defragment tablespaces, do backups, etc. Installed several releases of Oracle using OFA standards. Supported upgrade from Solaris 2.1 to 2.5. Supported upgrade of PRISM product from version 3 to version 5.

Skills: Oracle, Sun Sparc, Solaris, Standards and Procedures, SQL, Shell Script, Installation, Backup/Recovery, Performance Tuning, Sizing, User Access, Conversion/Upgrade, Client-Server

May 1995 - January 1996 - Carrier, Transicold Division

Helped specify and design a warranty claim processing system (TPLCS). Did architectural design and coordinated all aspects of the implementation. Acted as DBA for Oracle7. Acted as Unix administrator for OSF/1 (Digital Unix). Setup configuration management using RCS. This was a fixed-price contract. My primary contact was with customer IS people.

Skills: Design, Architecture, Software Development, PL/SQL, SQL, Shell Script, Oracle, Digital Unix, OS/2, MS-Windows, DEC Alpha, Intel Workstation, Oracle*Case, CASE*Dictionary, CASE*Generator, Oracle*Forms 4.0, Oracle*Reports 2.0, SQL*Net, Client-Server, Sizing, Data Modeling

April 1995 - Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation

Taught Unix and introduction to Object-Oriented Programming.

Skills: Unix, Object-Oriented, Training

February 1995 - April 1995 - Lockheed-Martin, Commercial Electronics

Diagnose problems with Macintosh Hypercard client-side application involving failing FTP transfers. Downloaded FTP standards, source and related tools, assembled a test bed and built extensive diagnostic aids. Identified bugs in mainframe FTP server.

Skills: Hypercard, Apple Macintosh, Integration, Troubleshooting, FTP Protocol, TCP/IP, MacOS, Solaris, Perl, HyperTalk

September 1994 - CTG, ISI Division

Lead technical team which reviewed implementation of a client system which failed to meet requirements on time or on budget. Examined platform, database, design and implementation.

Skills: Leadership, Technical Review, Project Review, Management Presentation, IBM PC, OS/2, Oracle, Performance Tuning, Real-Time

May 1994 - December 1994 - Fleet Services Corp., ACE Development Team

Developed tools for client-server access to RDB 6.0 database. Built a batch query-processing server which was used for user’s ad-hoc and production queries. A SQL parser was used to merge user predicates with production queries and provide detailed usage data. Database size was 2Gb.

Skills: C, RDB, SQL, Cognos Power Play, Business Objects, Client-Server, DEC VAX, DEC Alpha, IBM PC, VAX/VMS, Windows (MS-DOS), Software Development, Integration, Data Modeling

April 1994 - August 1997 - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

DBA support for Oracle 6. Outlined conversion to Oracle 7. Oracle 6 tuning support. Wrote RFP to purchase mass-storage devices. Developed comprehensive plan to use SQL*Net to improve access to historical data. Database Size 500 Mb

Skills: Proposal, Project Planning, Conversion/Upgrade, Performance Tuning, Backup/Recovery, IBM RS/6000, AIX, Oracle, SQL*Net, Client-Server, SQL, Shell Script

April 1994 - July 1994 - Carrier, Transicold Division

Proposed and managed loading of business analysis and preliminary design information into Oracle’s CASE*Dictionary. This was for a comprehensive warranty claim processing system (TPLCS). Target database size TBD based on final data model and requirements.

Skills: Proposal, Status Reporting, Directing Effort, Quality Assurance, Oracle*CASE, Data Modeling, Sizing, DEC VAX, IBM PC, VAX/VMS, OS/2, Oracle

January 1994 - Various Locations

Taught Oracle V7.x RDBMS to CTG Staff.

Skills: Training, Oracle

December 1993 - Enseco, MIS

Ingres Performance and Database Design Consulting

Skills: Ingres, Performance Tuning, Data Modeling

May 1993 - Central Systems

Implemented Low-level serial interface protocol for doing PC to PC communications.

Skills: C, Software Development, Client-Server, Serial (EIA 232)

May 1993 - Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation

Performed high-level analysis of complex marketing information system, implemented partially in APL.

Skills: System Study, Technical Report, APL

March 1993 - Martin Marietta, Advanced Concepts Center

Help Teach Object-Oriented Analysis, Object-Oriented Design and Object-Oriented Database to clients of Martin Marietta.

Skills: Object-Oriented, CORBA, Object-Relational, Training

February 1993 - Empire Blue Cross

Taught principles of project management and quality assurance to project managers and EBC. Part of an overall Information Engineering course.

Skills: Information Engineering, Training

February 1993 - Martin Marietta, Advanced Concepts Center

Taught Object-Oriented Database course to clients of Martin Marietta

Skills: Object-Relational, Object-Oriented, Training

February 1993 - June 1993 - CTG, PSD

Maintained and taught a course in programming in C.

Skills: Training, C

December 1992 - NCR

Reviewed application system for performance and concurrency issues. Made suggestions which would result in significant speed-up.

Skills: Ingres, Interactive Processing, Performance Modeling, Data Modeling, Technical Review

August 1992 - November 1992 - BeneSys

Reviewed product description and product development plans. Company was planning to undertake a massive redevelopment of an existing product.

Skills: Project Planning, SDLC, Quality Assurance

July 1992 - September 1992 - Bristol-Myer-Squibb

Developed and taught Data-Flow Diagramming and Process Decomposition modules in an Information Engineering course. Supported development of Entity-Relationship Diagramming, and a Synthesis module.

Skills: Course Development, Information Engineering

June 1992 - Merchants Mutual

Teach Ingres RDBMS to client development staff.

Skills: Ingres, SQL, Training

June 1992 - CTG, Greenville

Teach Oracle to CTG staff at a branch location.

Skills: Oracle, SQL, Training

April 1992 - United Way

Conduct in-service training for Information System Managers of United Way Member Agencies.

March 1992 - June 1992 - South Florida Water Management District

Develop and teach course in distributed processing using Oracle’s SQL*Net product.

Skills: SQL*Net, Course Development

February 1992 - April 1992 - Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation,

Helped Develop Project Management Methodology. Guided team, reviewed products, supported writing effort.

Skills: Directing Effort, SDLC, Standards Manual

February 1992 - Corning, Inc., Corporate Engineering

Presentation of Software Development Methodologies to Development group in Corporate Engineering.

Skills: Training, SDLC

January 1992 - CTG, Syracuse

Taught Modules of Ingres in Syracuse Branch.

Skills: Ingres, DEC MicroVax, VAX/VMS, C

Jan 1992 - June 1993 - CTG, PSD

Maintained and taught course in Oracle v6.0: SQL*Plus, SQL*Forms, SQL*Report

Skills: Training, Oracle

October 1991 - November 1991 - CTG, Syracuse

Teach Ada seminar for CTG branch.

Skills: Ada, Training, IBM PC, MS-DOS

October 1991 - Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation

Evaluated APL system for conversion/rewrite/adaptation.

Skills: APL, Analysis, Technical Report, IBM OS

September 1991 - Enseco, MIS

Showed client how to use Ingres tools to build database and application programs.

Skills: Prototyping, Ingres, Ingres 4GL, Data Modeling, Ingres/Vision, DEC VaxStation, VAX/VMS

August 1991 - April 1994 - Martin Marietta (formerly GE Aerospace), Ocean Systems Divison

Development of X-windows GUI for several distributed architecture applications. Client-server architecture using TCP/IP communications and XView (Open-Look compliant X-Window) development tools.

Skills: C, C++, Yacc/Lex, XView (X-Windows), Sun DevGuide, Make, SCCS, Verdix Ada Development System, Interleaf, OMTool, VAX Document, Client-Server, Software Development, Algorithms, Prototyping, TCP/IP, SunOS, Sun Sparc

July 1991 - South Florida Water Management District

Taught Oracle SQL*Forms 3.0

Skills: SQL*Forms 3.0, Oracle, Training, VAX/VMS, DEC VAX

July 1991 - Martin Marietta (formerly GE Aerospace), Ocean Systems Divison

Object-Oriented Analysis of Test-bed build tools.

Skills: Object-Oriented, Analysis

October 1989- - September 1990 - Kodak

Consulting on AIX, C++, and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. Taught AIX and C programming. Consulted on OO analysis, design and C++ implementation.

Skills: AIX, IBM RS/6000, C++, Proposal, Object-Oriented, C, Unix

September 1989 - Martin Marietta (formerly GE Aerospace), Ocean Systems Divison

Developed the IDD (Interface Design Document) database and database publising tools for AN/BSY-2. The IDD is a MIL-STD-2167 deliverable document. The database held descriptions of the thousands of interfaces in the system. Supported other activities (IRS, Metrics, etc.) Wrote an extensive prototype for a CSC (Computer Software Component) which used Xlib calls to implement an Open-Look compliant user interface.

Skills: C, SQL, Ada, Prolog, Ingres/Vision, SDML/SGML, Cadre/Teamwork, SunOS, VAX/VMS, DEC VAX, Sun Sparc, DEC VaxStation, Analysis, Data Modeling, Architecture, Software Development, Algorithms, Maintenance/Enhancement, Ingres, Database Administration, Technical Report

August 1989 - AMTEC

Taught ADA to Amtec (a CTG subsidiary) Staff at the JPL.

Skills: Training, Ada, VAX/VMS

March 1989 - Lyons Falls Pulp and Paper

Prepared and taught a course in MS Word 3.0 for clerical staff.

Skills: MS Word, MacOS, Macintosh, Training

January 1989- - September 1989 - General Electric Company, Advanced Information Technology

Consulted on the construction an inventory, shipping and receiving system. This was the AN/SQQ-89 Logistics Support System. Helped with DBA activities, development, standards, quality assurance, and documentation.

Skills: Oracle, VAX/VMS, DEC VAX, IBM PC, Kermit, C, SQL, SQL*Forms, Architecture, Standards and Procedures, Operator’s Guide, Data Modeling, Sizing, User Access

June 1988 - General Cinema Corp.

Presentation of CASE Technologies to GCC

Skills: CASE

April 1988 - July 1989 - Agway, Retail

Gave a half-day seminar on Knowledge Engineering to MIS staff. Built a prototype knowledge base. Application was to help employees evaluate the alternatives for retirement benefit payouts.

Skills: Analysis, Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Engineering, MS-DOS, IBM PC, PC-Easy, PC-Plus, Scheme, Artificial Intelligence

March 1988 - July 1989 - Onondaga Community College, Institutional Research and Planning

Studied and helped propose student success database for a community college. This would match a student’s reasons for entering with the services actually used.

Skills: Analysis, Architecture, Technical Report, Data Modeling, Unix

March 1988 - Computer Task Group

Taught Ingres DBMS to various clients and CTG staff.

Skills: Ingres, C, Fortran, SQL, Training

November 1987 - Computer Task Group

Developed and taught courses in Unix and C programming. Taught at several client sites and in-house.

Skills: Unix, C, Training

August 1987 - December 1987 - Corning, Inc., Corporate Engineering

Build TMS (Terminal Menu System) and RHS (Report Handling System). These were general purpose products to be used throughout Corning factories as front-ends for other software products.

Skills: VAX/VMS, DEC VAX, Fortran, Software Development, Algorithms, Architecture, Reusable Components, Interactive Processing, Ingres

November 1985 - September 1986 - General Electric Company, Solid State Radar

Wrote Compiler and Decompiler for diagnostic and fault location database used in AN/TPS-59 radar. This was done in preference to trying to maintain a difficult interactive program.

Skills: VAX/VMS, DEC VAX, Fortran, Software Development, Algorithms, Architecture

September 1985 - December 1987 - Carrier Corporation, Electronic Controls Engineering

Bid and staffed development of very advanced control software for state-of-the art HVAC. Managed staff used by client.

Skills: Proposal, Staffing, Status Reporting, Directing Effort, Presentation

August 1985 - April 1986 - GTE

Bid and staffed the effort to create a multi-user data collection and electronic mail system. This system accepted input from a variety of operators, buffered, queued and delivered it to a variety of destinations.

Skills: Proposal, Status Reporting, Architecture, DEC MicroVAX, VAX/VMS, Pascal, Presentation

August 1985 - July 1987 - General Electric Company, IRST (AN/SAR-8)

Designed and developed a signal processor test tool; the tool included a compiler plus real-time components. Also directed the group which produced I/O drivers for mission software. Wrote tools and mission software components.

Skills: Fortran, CMS-2M, AOS/VS, DG MV8000, SDEX, AN/UYK-44, Software Development, Integration, Testing, Algorithms, MTASS-M, Real-Time, DEC FMS, DEC Datatrieve, DECnet

June 1985 - General Electric Company, Solid State Radar

Consulting study to write parts of the proposal for a $2M radar maintenance trainer.

Skills: Technical Report, Architecture, Planning, Pascal, Project Planning

May 1985 - June 1986 - Remington Arms

Help bid and staff a long series of software upgrades and conversions. Provided technical expertise and direction. This involved rewrites of old RSX-11 programs to better exploit VAX/VMS.

Skills: Proposal, Status Reporting, Presentation, Architecture, DEC VAX, VAX/VMS, DEC PDP-11, RSX-11

January 1985 - General Electric Company, Plastics Business Group

Consulting study to keep graphics data in an IDMS database and present this data on a PC.

Skills: Technical Report, IDMS, Proposal, MS-DOS, IBM PC, IBM 370, IBM OS

January 1985 - September 1985 - Miller Brewing

Bid and staffed project to develop a plant and machine maintenance database. This was a PC-based single user system.

Skills: Cold Calls, Proposal, Status Reporting, Directing Effort, SDLC, Presentation, MS-DOS, IBM PC, r:Base 5000

November 1984 - July 1985 - Carrier Corporation, Industrial Engineering

Developed programs to analyze Numerical Control tapes for machine tools. The analysis computed the expected running time for the tool.

Skills: Software Development, Fortran, Microsoft Basic, IBM PC, MS-DOS, IBM 370, IBM OS

October 1984 - June 1985 - Central Locating Service

Bid, staffed and supported the development of a data collection and reporting system.

Skills: Cold Calls, Proposal, Staffing, Status Reporting, Directing Effort, Apple ][+, Apple DOS, Analysis, Integration, Software Development, Applesoft Basic, Presentation

September 1984 - May 1985 - Carrier Corporation, Electronic Controls Engineering

Bid and staffed job to build mark-sense card reader for HVAC system.

Skills: Proposal, Staffing, Status Reporting, Presentation

May 1984 - August 1987 - CTG, Syracuse

Account Manager. Responsible for “Industrial Automation” group. Had a staff which grew from about 6 to about 10. Bid and staffed several projects.

Skills: Cold Calls, Proposal, Staffing, Hiring, Career Planning, Status Reporting, Directing Effort

April 1984 - November 1984 - DuPont Co., Optical Film

Consulting with MIS department on VAX-based system for factory control, intended to replace aging Series/1 system.

Skills: Requirements Analysis, Performance Modeling, DEC DBMS-32, DEC VAX, VAX/VMS

April 1984 - Corning Inc., Refractory Materials

Consulting to try and convert RSX-11D programs to RSX-11M.

Skills: Conversion, RSX-11, DEC PDP-11, PDP-11 Assembler

March 1984 - Carrier Corporation, Industrial Engineering

Study an Apple ][+ inventory control system to determine the data available.

Skills: Apple ][+, Apple DOS, System Study

August 1983 - November 1984 - General Electric Company, Solid State Radar

Continued support activities at SSR. Also started account management.

Skills: Fortran, DEC VAX, VAX/VMS, DEC PDP-11, RSX-11, Software Development, Integration, Testing

October 1981 - May 1983 - General Electric Company, Solid State Radar

Enhancements to existing radar control software. Development of tool suite to support compiling and linking. Built a problem report tracking database. Several trips to Radar sites overseas.

Skills: Fortran, DDP Assembler, DEC VAX, VAX/VMS, DEC PDP-11, RSX-11, Software Development, Testing, Interactive Processing, Real-Time

August 1981 - September 1981 - Mutual of New York

IMS COBOL Testing.

Skills: IBM 303x, IMS with DL/1, IBM OS, COBOL, Testing, Interactive Processing

June 1981 - August 1981 - Hardinge Bros.

CICS and batch COBOL maintenance for an inventory control system.

Skills: COBOL, IBM DOS/VSE, IBM 43xx, CICS, IMS with DL/1, Maintenance/Enhancement, Interactive Processing

December 1979 - April 1981 - General Electric Company, Military Electronic Systems Operation

Modified radar control software. Wrote off-line data reduction software. Numerous trips to radar site in Maine.

Skills: Jovial, Univac 1616 Assembler, Fortran, Sperry Exec-8, Univac REX-16, Univac 1616, Univac 1100, Software Development, Testing, Real-Time, Sperry Host-16, Sperry SSG

May 1979 - December 1979 - Special Metals

Wrote general-purpose financial report writer. This tool included some spread-sheet like capabilities. This tool became widely used within the organization. Also did COBOL and JCL programming for DOS-OS conversion.

Skills: COBOL, IBM OS, IBM 370, VSAM, Software Development, Algorithms, Batch Processing

November 1978 - May 1979 - Bausch & Lomb, Soflens

PL/1 programming and JCL writing for an insurance application.

Skills: PL/1, IBM 370, IBM OS, VSAM, Software Development, Batch Processing, JCL

August 1978 - November 1978 - Agway, Retail

JCL writing for DOS-OS conversion. Tested job streams, used RJE station.

Skills: IBM 370, IBM OS, Remote Job Entry, Batch Processing, Librarian, JCL

May 1977 - May 1978 - Syracuse University, ALTERACTS

Systems Analysis, Design, Programming, Testing, Documentation, Training and Maintenance for a database of off-campus housing.

Skills: APL, PL/1, IBM 370, IBM OS, Software Development, Analysis, Architecture

September 1976 - May 1978 - Syracuse University, A.I.D. Office

Answered questions, and performed several small consulting jobs for graduate students and departments. Also wrote some documentation and did minor maintenance on Visions and powerful 3-d graphics package.

Skills: Troubleshooting, APL, Fortran, PL/1, SPSS, COBOL, SNOBOL, IBM 370, DEC PDP-10, IBM OS, Tops-10

August 1975 - May 1976 - Syracuse University, International Relations Program

Performed complete system development, including analysis, design, programming, testing and some user training.

Skills: Fortran, Tops-10, DEC PDP-10, Software Development


January 2003, Multilingual Computing, “Proving a Concept”.

May 2005, Dr. Dobb’s Journal, “Processing Rows in Batches”.

April 2006, Dr. Dobb’s Journal, “Normalization to Improve Performance”.

Professional Development

  • July 2008 - CTG Introduction to Consulting for New Hires
  • June 2007 - CTG - ACM Seminar on Web Services
  • February 2007 - CTG - PyCon Presentation on Data Warehousing Techniques in Python
  • April 2006 - CTG Introduction to Python Programming
  • September 2004 - CTG Introduction to Java Programming
  • May 2001 - CTG - DAMA Overview of selected Data Warehousing Design Patterns
  • December 2000 - CTG Overview of Enterprise Integration Design Patterns
  • September 1999 - CTG Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • May 1999 - CTG Introduction to Java Programming
  • December 1998 - CTG - Fleet Bank Workshop on UML and Use Case Analysis.
  • June 1998 - CTG - Internal Case Study on the use of Design Patterns for software development. Reviewed a few key patterns and how they were used to estimate, design and implement a server-side application.
  • October 1997 - CTG - APCC How to design and develop three-tier Web-enabled application architectures.
  • September, 1997 - CTG - Technical Paper Presentation Quantitative Measurement of Risk
  • August 1997 - CTG- Technical Paper Presentation Presented an overview of the use of Design Patterns, and some key patterns used to implement a Data Warehousing.
  • March 1997 - CTG - Technical Paper Presentation Describes ways in which Y2K testing is being done, facilitated follow-up session to gather data from participants.
  • November 1996 - CTG - /cny Unix Unser’s Group Describe advantages of Java and a Web-enabled application architecture
  • November 1996 - CTG Present Object-Oriented design example and Java implementation at branch staff meeting. Used a simple 3-variable calculator. Examples include rate-time-distance and IBU-alpha acid-weight.
  • October 1996 - CTG- Syracuse ACM Describe advantages of Java and a Web-enabled application architecture
  • September 1996 - CTG- Syracuse APCC Describe advantages of Java and a Web-enabled application architecture
  • May 1995 - CTG - Syracuse ACM Criteria for choosing a client-server project
  • August 1993 - CTG - Corporate Education Development Established content areas for Oracle 7.x courses.
  • April 1992 - CTG - United Way Agencies Conduct in-service training for Information System Managers of United Way Member Agencies.
  • February 1992 - CTG - Corning Software Development Methodology
  • May 1991 - CTG - Technical Paper Presentation Parsimonious CASE: A summary of technqiues for applying computer support to the development and maintenance of software, in contrast to design and analysis.
  • October 1990 - CTG - Course 1/2 day seminar on data modeling and relational database design.
  • May 1990 - CTG - Technical Paper Presentation Meta-Data: A summary of techniques to make database applications easier to develop, maintain and use. The focus is on additional metal-data to be carried with the application data.
  • March 1990 - CTG - Albany DPMA Summary of the Ingres Database product for a conference on databases.
  • November 1989 - CTG - Corning Programming Language Survey: Presented strengths and weaknesses of a variety of programming languages. Served as a guide in choosing a single standard language.
  • May 1989 - CTG - Technical Paper Presentation A summary of programming techniques from Artificial Intelligences applications
  • May 1989 - CTG - Course Introduction to Oracle
  • January 1989 - CTG - Course Techniques to improve the performance of Ingres database applications.
  • June 1988 - CTG - Niagara Mohawk Overview of Testing techniques for programmer training course.
  • May 1988 - CTG - Technical Paper Presentation A summary of Object-Oriented programming
  • February 1988 - CTG - Agway Overview of Knowledge Engineering and functional capabilities of typical Knowledge Base products.
  • November 1987- CTG - Course Intro to Programming in C
  • November 1987 - CTG- Course Intro to Unix
  • May 1987 - CTG - Technical Paper Presentation COCOMO, SDM/Structured and a method similar to Function Point Analysis are compared.
  • November 1986 - CTG - ACM Quantitative Measurement of User-Friendly Design
  • November 1985 - CTG - Bank of Baltimore Overview of specific techniques to improve software productivity. Emphasis on results in Boehm’s Software Engineering Economics.
  • May 1985 - CTG - Technical Paper Presentation 12 imperatives for higher quality software.
  • March 1985 - CTG - In-house cours Overview of estimating, proposing and planning fixed-price jobs. This was for staff to aid the marketing staff in developing proposals.
  • May 1984 - CTG - Technical Paper Presentation Overview of the use of program assertions as an aid in design, coding and debugging.
  • May 1982 - CTG- Technical Paper Presentation Brief overview of salient features of the Ada programming language. This is prior to the 1983 standard, and reflects some features which where subsequently changed.


November 1987 - ICCP

Certificate In Computer Programming, 037335


  • February 2007 - Sun Introduction to JCAPS Programming. The Java Composite Application Suite supports Enterprise Integration
  • February 2007 - PyCon PyCon Python Conference
  • June 2005 - Kalido Introduction to Kalido a tool for Data Warehousing construction.
  • November 2000 - Tibco Introduction to Tibco a tool for Enterprise Integration
  • October 1999 - Siebel Attended Siebel Conference on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.
  • March 1999 - PLoP Attended Chili PLoP conference on Design Patterns.
  • June 1998 - CTG CTG’s Enabling Technologies Conference
  • May 1997 - Oracle Oracle Developers Programme Learned about Oracle’s NCA (Network Computing Architecture) Web Server, “Cartridges” , etc.
  • September, 1997 - CTG Fall Y2K Conference with Millenium Services Team
  • August 1997 - CTG Enabling Technologies Conference
  • March 1997 - CTG Spring Y2K Conference with Millennium Services Team
  • June 1996 - CTG Enlightened Leadership Training in Enlightened Leadership approach to management.
  • January 1996 - CTG Client/Sever Fundamentals Introduction to C/S Method and use of Platinum Process Continuum tool set
  • February 1993 - Martin Marietta Object-Oriented Analysis Studied OOA in order to teach OOA modules for Advanced Concepts Center of Martin Marietta
  • August 1990 - IBM IBM Executive Decisions This was a 3 day introduction to development of Executive Decisions presentations.
  • November 1988 - KBMS KBMS Course This was a 3 day introduction to KBMS Development.
  • April 1988 - CTG Introduction to Oracle. This was a 3 day introduction to SQL and SQL*Forms.
  • October 1987 - Ingres Ingres Overview. This was 2 weeks of intensive training in the Ingres product. This included normal Ingres course, plus additional material for future consultants.
  • June 1987 - AION AION Knowledge Base. This was a 3 Day introduction to Knowledge Engineering using the AION Development System.
  • March 1987 - CTG Increasing Personal Effectiveness. This was a 3 day course, taken part time in evenings. It emphasized an overview of personality traits, and how to organize yourself and others.
  • January 1986 - GE CMS-2M Programming Language. General Electric sponsored this 1 week Unisys course for staff on the IRST (AN/SAR-8) project.
  • June 1984 - CTG Principles of Management. This was a 3 day course for new managers, introducing them to CTG management principles.
  • September 1983 - CTG Interpersonal Management Skills. This was a 3 day course–taken part-time over 4 days– to improve interpersonal management skills.
  • August 1982 - CTG Presentation Skills. This was a 3 day workshop to improve presentation skills.
  • May 1981 - CTG CICS Programming. This was a 1 week introduction to Command-level CICS programming.
  • May 1980 - CTG Structured Analysis & Design Workshop. This was a 1 week workshop in analysis and design skills.
  • September 1979 - CTG Structured Analysis & Design. This was a 1 week introduction to Analysis and Design of systems.
  • June 1978 - CTG Systems Engineering Development Program. This was a 6-week introduction to COBOL, IBM 370, IBM OS, Software Development, and other fundamental technical and interpersonal skills.
  • September 1974-May 1978 - Syracuse University BS Computer Science

Skill Cloud


Algorithms Analysis Architecture Artificial Intelligence Backup/Recovery Batch Processing CASE CRM Career Planning Client-Server Cold Calls Content Management System Conversion Conversion/Upgrade Course Development Data Modeling Data Warehousing Database Administration Design Design Patterns Directing Effort Enterprise Integration GUI Design Hiring Information Engineering Installation Integration Interactive Processing Internet Strategy Knowledge Engineering Leadership Maintenance/Enhancement Management Management Presentation Marketing OMT Object-Oriented Object-Relational Operator’s Guide Performance Modeling Performance Tuning Planning Presentation Production Installation Project Planning Project Review Proposal Prototyping Quality Assurance Real-Time Remote Job Entry Repository Management Requirements Analysis Reusable Components SDLC Serial (EIA 232) Sizing Software Development Staff Development Staffing Standards Manual Standards and Procedures Status Reporting System Study Technical Report Technical Review Testing Training Troubleshooting UML Unit Testing Use Case Analysis User Access WWW Web Services Web-enabled


AN/UYK-44 Apple Macintosh Apple ][+ DEC (Compaq) Alpha DEC Alpha DEC MicroVAX DEC MicroVax DEC PDP-10 DEC PDP-11 DEC VAX DEC VaxStation DG MV8000 Dell 64-bit Dell Server IBM 303x IBM 370 IBM 43xx IBM PC IBM RS/6000 IBM SP/2 IBM p-series Intel Workstation Macintosh RS/6000 Sun Sparc Univac 1100 Univac 1616


AIX AOS/VS Apple DOS Digital Unix IBM DOS/VSE IBM OS Linux MS-DOS MS-Windows MacOS OS/2 Open VMS RSX-11 SDEX Solaris Sperry Exec-8 SunOS Tops-10 Univac REX-16 Unix VAX/VMS VSAM Windows (MS-DOS) Windows/NT


APL Ada Applesoft Basic C C++ CMS-2M COBOL DCL DDP Assembler Fortran HTML HyperTalk JCL Java Jovial Microsoft Basic PDP-11 Assembler PL/1 PL/SQL Pascal Perl Prolog Python SDML/SGML SNOBOL SQL Scheme Shell Script Univac 1616 Assembler Yacc/Lex shell script


CICS Django Hypercard Sun DevGuide XView (X-Windows) struts


AION Apache Business Objects CASE*Dictionary CASE*Generator Cadre/Teamwork Cognos Power Play DB2 DEC DBMS-32 DEC Datatrieve DEC FMS Designer/2000 Executive Decisions IDMS IMS with DL/1 Ingres Ingres 4GL Ingres/Vision Interleaf JCAPS KBMS Kalido Kermit LDAP Librarian MS Word MTASS-M Make MySQL ODBC OMTool Oracle Oracle Web Server Oracle*CASE Oracle*Case Oracle*Forms 4.0 Oracle*Reports 2.0 PC-Easy PC-Plus PRO*C Platinum Process Continuum PowerBuilder Pro*C RDB SCCS SPSS SQL*Forms SQL*Forms 3.0 SQL*Net SQL/Server Siebel Sperry Host-16 Sperry SSG Sybase Tibco VAX Document Verdix Ada Development System iBatis r:Base 5000


Eclipse JDeveloper Komodo Edit NetBeans