How’s this for <b>pride</b> going before the fall?


Here’s the family portrait gallery up through 2005, when I switched to using iWeb. Also, since the kids had (largely) moved on, the travel become more focused on just Team Red: Skiing - Sailing.

  • Skiing <>_
  • Sailing <>_
  • Team Red Travel

Then it became more focused on Team Red Cruising.

1997 Family 97, Sailing 97, Bonaire 97
1998 Boat
1999 Bonaire 99
2000 Snowbird in Utah, Family, San Diego Sailing, SF Bay Sailing
2001 Blizzard of ‘01, Bonaire 01
2002 Xan’s Prom, Family 02, Swing in Spring
2003 Han’s Prom, Niskaday, Xan’s Graduation, Tortola
2004 Champlain Sailing, Las Vegas, Hanna’s Prom, Random Family, North Slope, Alyeska
2005 Hannah at UNH, Hannah Graduation, Sweden, Bonaire, Skye Farm Camp, KaDiMa Repairs, NYC, North Carolina

This was a substantial move from the old to my new hosting service site.

However, iPhoto makes it easy to an HTML page. Then, it can be transfered by FTP to the hosting site.


Here’s a place-holder for the family video gallery. Since is no longer hosting video, these have all been moved to iWeb pages:

Here are some revised links.

date:Dec 20, 2017