So when you’re traveling, and you are all alone, and you want to eat dinner, but you don’t want to sit all by yourself in some resturant, what do you do? You go to bars. I’d rather not go to a regular bar and eat fried bar food and drink cheap commercial beer – I’d weigh 400 pounds and have blood pressure problems. I prefer to go to Sushi bars. I can get soup and tea and much lighter fare. Plus, people tend to socialize at sushi bars. Often there’s more than one lone traveler looking for a little dinner-time companionship.

Then there’s the “novelty” factor of eating uni, natto, or squid or – something only for the very brave – squid guts. I would suggest anyone who’s past the “eew raw fish!” stage to try uni to branch out into more exotic tastes and textures. Natto is not fish (it’s a bean concoction), but it’s not for everyone. Squid guts is, well, squid guts. I tried this only because I used to go to Kyoto’s in Fayetteville, NY, every Wednesday night. After a while I stopped ordering, and said “tekka-maki and 6 of anything.” Well, that opened up the chef to start pushing the envelope. They started with innocent things like fried shrimp heads and moved on through everything not nailed down and reaching the limit at squid guts.