My Writing Resume, which lists my clips and writing experience.

My Building Skills books:
Building Skills in Python and Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design.

I’ve managed to publish two articles in Dr. Dobb’s Journal

Hack Productions

“It may be a hack, but it works.”

My submission in on, I call it The Zombie Waltz.


Some lines I treasure.

The Writer’s Guild of America, East, has the Script Registration service I use.

Some useful links on locating screen plays and reading about screenwriting.


Playing Dungeons and Dragons and the Hero Game System for years made me something of a story-teller.

While I could say a lot on this subject, I hope to self-publish a huge, rambling novel based on a long-running game.

A link on the Hero Game System: Hero Games

See Office Space and Boiler Room to see how I bracket my life against fiction.

date:Dec 20, 2017