San Diego - SailingΒΆ


Training operations:

I see 4 choices for training in San Diego. They all look really good. I guess the next step is to get their detailed brochures with applications, rates, etc. and make a final determination.

  • San Diego Yacht Charter - 2 day program on a 34’ Catalina. About $600-$700 for four to learn.
  • Harbor Sail Boats - 2-day ASA101 class on a 22’ Capri. About $800 for four to learn.
  • San Diego Sailing Academy - 3-day ASA101 class on a 30’ (I think they’d let the kids hang out for not a lot more $80 or somesuch). $1000 for 2 of us.
  • J-World San Diego - It looks like they have 2 1-day programs: Sail1 and Sail2 which the say covers the skills a charter company needs to see. Prices not listed.

Charter/Rental operations


Individual Boats with Captain and Crew:

  • The Orion, a yawl.
  • The Jada, a 71’ yawl.
  • The Island Time, from Hillman Charters, an Island Packet 40.
date:Dec 20, 2017