US Holidays in a given yearΒΆ

Enter a year and this applet will show common US holidays in that year.

Note that our common (Gregorian) calendar was adopted in September 1752. Specifically, September 2, 1752 was the last day of the old style (Julian) calendar. This was followed by September 14. At this time, the start of the new year was moved to January 1.

Our common calendar was adopted by Spain, Portugal and Italy in 1582. Specifically, October 4 was the last day of the Julian calendar. October 15 was the first day of the Gregorian calendar.

This applet is based on a very complete implementation of the rata die algorithms in Calendrical Calculations [DR97]

Calendar Book

[DR97]Dershowitz, Nachum and Edward M. Reingold. Calendrical Calculations. Cambridge University Press. 1997.