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Software Architecture - mostly ranting about the daily grind of being a software architect.

These are my legacy posts. Current content is at http://slott-softwarearchitect.blogspot.com/

This started with iBlog on homepage.mac.com. First Apple (et. al.) dropped support for iBlog. Then they dropped support for homepage.mac.com. I recovered the text from the hard-to-manage WYSIAYG (What you see is all you get) HTML editor in iBlog and created a simpler RST-based repository of this content. Some is dated, but some might be useful or interesting. Perhaps there’s a book on software development hidden in here.

The code for extracting the relevant content (using BeautifulSoup) is moderately interesting. But I’ll post that on my proper blog, http://slott-softwarearchitect.blogspot.com/

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