News – Music, Python 3.0 and more music

date:2009-01-14 00:00:47
category:Technology News

Thing 1 – My son’s album is out today.  You can visit the Siva Noir site.  You can buy from their site or iTunes.  Samples are available on their MySpace page.

Thing 2 – More updates on Python 3.0.  The story is not on the SD Times web site yet, but was in the dead-tree edition that arrived today.  The Python 3.0 news feed is helpful information to management; it bolsters that part of our development plan .

Thing 3 – In the “Short Takes ” section of the SD Times, they mentioned the Rick Astley video, which tops off my personal Rickrolling trifecta.

My son isn’t on the Barry Manilow, record, just in the advertising video – he’s acting like a musician in the video.  He’s a real musician in Siva Noir.

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