date:2005-01-02 22:47:02

I did discover that my Mac OS Doc Book installation doesn’t work correctly because the JDK is so old. Because of the tight integration of Mac OS components, I’m reluctant to attempt to upgrade the JDK. However, the Xalan processor leaves 11 hung threads and doesn’t terminate. So, I suppose I’ll have to track down a bunch of total side-track JDK command-line options, Xalan configuration options, and JDK upgrades. Just to edit the current draft using a nice display and keyboard.

The windows version (JDK 1.4.2_04) works better. I’m not 100% sure why at the present time.

And, I still have to dry-run the whole thing under RedHat 9, which will probably lead to more lost time identifying the subtle issues there.

However, I did finally learn to use FireFox DOM browser to debug CSS’s.

UPDATE: It is the JVM that’s out-of-date.

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