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Something went kaflooey.  But it’s better now.

I send a little holiday email to a hundred plus folks.  Too much for simple email distributions lists, but not enough to justify paying for an email sending service.

Python has a SMTP library.  It also has enough regex stuff to make it easy and fun to parse vCards.

This is a true story that is causing me endless mirth.
I read about Apple’s Time Capsule .  I wanted it, but I already had a new Airport Extreme .  I’ve got disk drives coming out the basement windows.  I should  be able to assemble my own Time Capsule.
And there doesn’t appear to be a new release in sight.  Unfixed reproducible bugs is the death knell for any software. What’s next?
It’s a small thing, but, the service that Lifli is using to manage the purchase of iBlog2 isn’t rock-solid.
It has a few glitches, but it works nicely.
How sad.
Bloki has a Blog + Wiki capabilities.
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