Mac OS X Sync and iPhoneΒΆ

date:2009-01-15 01:21:02
category:Personal Web Toys

Last week I noticed that some contacts were repeated in my iPhone contacts.  That’s awful.  It makes the phone suddenly very hard to use.

I did a little reading, found some stuff about various levels of synchronization.  I have a Mac OS X 10.4, plus 10.5, plus the iPhone, plus my gmail and yahoo! mail accounts.

Something’s not working.  I cycled through just about everything until I read the MobileMe news, with this article: MobileMe: Service Updates as of December 15, 2008 .

Essentially, sync is broken and fixed in 10.5.6.  One OS upgrade and things are fixed.

Currently, I have the Yahoo! and gmail sync off.  Now I can try turning these back on.

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