date:2005-10-11 11:02:45
category:Methodology for Non-Programmers

An implementation document is prepared along with the software to present the packaging and component structure, including visible interfaces of components. This shows the structure of the final deliverables, and describes the files, databases and other persitent features of the system. This document will also identify all third-party components used.

The implementation depends on the design, the architecture and the requirements.

This process summarizes implementation, omitting the difficult problems of testing and integration.


Final software. Typically source, plus executable form. This of course, varies with language.

UML diagrams for packages and components.

Either UML diagrams or narratives describing the packaging and installation procedures.


For each architectural component, create a detailed design of all classes required to implement the component.

  1. Define the overall responsibilities and constraints. Write a clear statement of the component.
  2. Determine the entities, associations, operations and attributes in the statement of the component. Noun and verb analysis of the statement is a good starting point.
  3. Select appropriate design patterns for the overall structure and relationships among the classes. This will help select design for associations, state and collections.
  4. Select appropriate data structures and algorithms.
  5. Construct diagrams.
  6. Validate the design via a “walkthrough.” Follow each relevant use case’s execution through the classes and methods in the design. Confirm the responsibility assignments.

Construct the source. Stick to widely used standards. Read open source projects for examples. Consider the use of literate programming tools to merge design and source into a single document.


Trace back to architectural components and requirements. Every class belongs to a package, every package has one or more classes. Each component is built from packages of classes. Each package contributes to one or more components.

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