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I like to document.  It’s a way of thinking things through, as well as a way to memorialize design decisions.  But I hate using big, clunky desktop editors.
Check the InformationWeek analysis of enterprise adoption of open source software.
I’ve invented some pretty cool stuff.  However, I never seem to “finish” it, or package it for distribution.  And, mine don’t have a high degree of “completeness of vision”, they mostly did one thing pretty well.
I thought my quick and dirty HTML scraper was cool.  However, Beautiful Soup is certainly more complete, and might be easy-enough to extend.
In a few hours, one can knock out a piece of software that manages to derive normalized data from pretty random HTML.  Here’s how.
When you start building something in Django, it’s hard to pick a name that has the right level of evolvability.  I think I’m getting the hang of it, but maybe someone has a better suggestion.
ZOPE.ORG has a place for some my Python projects
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