Dead Hard DriveΒΆ

date:2005-09-28 10:19:13

In the spring (I wish I wrote down the dates for this sequence of events) I bought my 5-pack for 10.4 “Tiger”. (Think of Rod Steiger and the Highway Patrol TV show with him leaning on a late 50’s car rasping “10-4” into a police radio.)

I upgraded the old iMac (#1) and things went great. Backup, upgrade, restore selected items, archive the backup: flawless.

Mac #2, however, won’t upgrade. The installer says that the S.M.A.R.T. status on this hard drive is “failing” and it needs to be replaced. Yet, of course, the hard drive works and works flawlessly.

So I tried every disk repair trick there is. I even used old Mac OS 9 “fix anything” utilities from La Cie to try and fix anything. The S.M.A.R.T. status is part of the hardware and won’t be reset.

I’m basically trapped with having the hard drive pulled and replaced. I can then install Tiger on an otherwise virgin machine.

What about my files? They’re on the old hard drive. I got a Fire-Wire to IDE enclosure [link ], dropped the drive in there and I’m back on line.

What did I lose? Well, it looks like a new machine, so .MAC is baffled by my backup/restore and iSync requests. And, I had to reinstall many things. I had to repurchase some licenses because I’d lost the keys.

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