Good-bye Old MacΒΆ

date:2003-12-01 02:08:27

Mac #1 was a 1986 128K Mac, later upgraded to 1M Mac Plus, with external everything. Eventually a 70Mb SCSI hard drive. Bundled up with another just like it, it sold on eBay for shipping + a few bucks. I kept it running until 2001, when I finally shut it off and took out the old LocalTalk part of my network.

Mac #2 was a 1994 Performa 6115 CD, with 24M of RAM. It started with a 300M internal drive, but was upgraded to 500M. A number of external drives were added: 340M, plus a whopping 1Gb drive. Bundled up with a SCSI Zip drive, a Kodak DSC50 camera, etc., it will be on eBay before long. Someone may want it for parts, or nostalgia. I’ve heard that they plug into your stereo rack and make great MP3 players. I kept it running until 2001, when it was not used much.

See Low End Mac for more information.

Mac #3 was a 1995 PowerBook 5300cs that I talked CTG into buying me. It lasted until I had trouble with the Mac version of some of their tools (GroupWise, for example), and the Windows emulator was too slow to be useful. In 1999 I put it on a shelf, where the power supply and batteries slowly died. When my employer packed up the Albany office, it got packed up with all the other office equipment and supplies.

Mac #4 is a 1999 iMac DV (slot-loading, Blueberry), with 256Mb RAM, and a 6Gb internal drive, an external CD burner. This was a Christmas surprise and we played a bunch of games on this machine. Works great. Once I get the Mac OS X version of Allegro, I’ll be able to upgrade that machine to Mac OS X.

Mac #5 is a 2000 iBook (special edition, Graphite) with 128Mb of RAM, and a 6Gb internal drive. It needs memory before upgrading to Mac OS X; the battery is shot, however, and it may be reaching the end of its life.

Mac #6 is a 2002 iMac (version 2.1, the desk lamp) with 256Mb of RAM, a 40Gb internal drive, a 100Gb external drive and an external DVD burner.

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