The Lure of XMLΒΆ

I’m just coming to grips with SOA implemented with REST and JSON, and I’m pleased with the tidy, elegant simplicity of it.
See Sean McGrath’s “Mixed Content : Trying to understand the JSON thing ” for some insightful comments on XML vs. other data representation languages. Additionally, “When do you use XML, again? ” adds a new wrinkle.
In “XML - One Ring to Rule Them All... ” I recounted 8 lame reasons for using XML. In response I’ve gotten a couple of good reasons for using XML. Some of the thinking, however, isn’t perfectly clear, so I’ll lift up the issues here.
We’ve wandered from the original point: lame justification from XML. We’ve moved on to looking at the four core choices for data representation: XML, a Scripting language (e.g. Python), SQL and a DSL. We have tradeoffs among these languages. We also have knee-jerk preferences, not based on engineering, but on considerations best described as political.
In “XML - One Ring to Rule them All... ” I plowed through a number of creepy, low-value reasons people gave for using XML. Then Kontrawize weighed in with “XML is first class, scripting languages are second class ” with a good reason for using XML.
... And in the darkness bind Them. In Juri Pakaste - The Blog // the world we create , the posting “Stamp on the ants ” lifts up a great discussion in The Server Side, “Raven 1.1: Build Java with Ruby ”. This discussion hits the XML vs. “Domain Specific Language” (DSL) pretty solidly.
The reasons are simple - my problem appears unique (at least to me).
XSLT holds the promise of being the universal tool and doing all things poorly
XML/XSLT and related standards appear to be the holy grail or maybe the philosopher’s stone for data processing.
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