Open Source Business OpportunitiesΒΆ

date:2009-02-18 01:30:16
category:Economics of Software

See the 10 Open Source Opportunities entry in CIO Minute.

The OS and Virtualization territory is already staked out.  Not sure this will be a real opportunity space.

Enterprise applications (CRM, ERP, BI) are scary.  Scary because these are purchased by CIO’s.  CIO’s are herd animals and – of course – an open source enterprise package will never be acceptable.  Reason: who do you sue ?

Clearly, there’s a lot of room to make money here by shoving SAP, Oracle and TriZetto Group aside.  I think that you can easy implement a simpler application than these legacy behemoths.

Technology (Mobile, VOIP, Security) This has a lot of room for growth.  It’s enabling or foundational technology.  Lots of space here.

Tools and Browsers are totally crowded with freeware.  I’m not sure there’s any money-making opportunity here.  ActiveState and WingWare are who you start competing against.  Then you’ve got to work against Oracle, IBM, the Eclipse Foundation, Sun’s NetBeans.  Mozilla, Opera, etc.

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