The Future of Windows – And the Future WIthout WIndows

date:2009-02-11 02:49:37
category:Economics of Software

The disruption from Microsoft’s failures are only starting to be felt.  Check out Frank Hayes’ “The Pain Begins ” column in the January 26th Computer World.

Corporate IT stubbed Vista.  What will it do with Windows 7?  And what’s the fall-back plan if Windows 7 is bust and Microsoft does an “end-of-life” in Windows XP to force upgrades and purchases?

It won’t be pretty.  Microsoft will start to lose even more ground.  And the open-source OS world will blossom into a dozen competing offerings with complex services, support, help-desk, SaaS add-ons.  It will be much more complex.

It will be very disruptive to current ways of working.  With a single desktop OS, purchasing is easy.  Find a hardware vendor, pick a few items out of a catalog.  Buy the same OS for servers, and to claim to be an all-Microsoft shop.  People currently (with a straight face) claim they never use open source software (in spite of Apache, Java and Perl).

When Windows is bust, what then?

Every decision will require thinking.  That will hurt.

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