The Role of Open Source in the Enterprise IT Investment StrategyΒΆ

date:2006-04-22 14:37:57
category:Economics of Software

My point – always – is that I’m not here to convert anyone. I’m just here to respond to the need for open source consulting skills.

As a parallel example, TH explained (at length) that there was NO earthly reason to retire a perfectly good IBM z-series mainframe. The z-series represents cheap, reliable, predictable, high-value, paid-for, processing power. My point to him is not that I have a better business model, or that I have a compelling argument for conversion. I only know that our firm has customers undertaking the conversion.

Thank goodness for articles like Information Week’s [link ] “Red Hat Seizes an Opening” [link ]. This article paints the picture very clearly:

  1. Businesses are using open source software.
  2. It doesn’t matter that you can’t see the justification.
  3. There it is. Deal with it.

I really like that. It helps me to get past the “I just don’t see the value” part of the conversation. That’s not the point.

It helps move the conversation onto the more interesting topics:

  1. What open source packages should we focus on?
  2. Is there a business angle in open source support for CTG ?
  3. How can we be sure that our customers turn to us first?
  4. Is there more that we can do to help customers considering open source?

And, it helps to have the Red Hat Business Model documented somewhere. I believe it is the coming model for all consulting firms.

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