Perl Follow-upΒΆ

date:2006-02-05 00:35:58
category:Economics of Software

RL says, “Really nice article. It seems that Perl does not have frameworks ? [link ]”

At first I didn’t understand the comment. Then I realized that my premise – Perl is obsolete – was buried under a pile of other information.

Somehow my “So step one is the following advice: Ditch Perl” got lost. I’ll have to figure out a good rewrite that makes this point even more prominent.

The consequence of this point is that it doesn’t matter what Perl offers. Perl is too opaque for serious programming that has long-term value. Any Perl-based framework is going to be difficult to maintain. It doesn’t matter how brilliant Catalyst is – the underlying Perl is just too hard to read.

There is an alternative. One could follow the Zope path and use XML extensively and Python minimally to build a web application. The logical consequence of minimizing the emphasis on Python is that Zope can support customization using Perl.

However, my point remains: Ditch Perl. Consequently, the frameworks question is moot.

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