Python Unit Testing Frameworks (v3)ΒΆ

date:2005-11-02 00:12:19
category:Unit Testing in Python

Ned Batchelder : Blog [link ] identifies no less than 6 unit testing frameworks for Python [link ] and [link ].

TestGears [link ] is part of the TurboGears web uber-framework. It provides automatic discovery of test functions, simplifies suite development, and makes it easy to run tests zero configuration. Kevin Dangoor [link ] says he will deprecate this in favor of Nose. David Warnock [link ] says something similar.

TestOOB [link ] (Testing Out Of [the] Box) provides for new styles of output (HTML and color terminal), debugger launching, verbose asserts, parallel execution, and command-line utility testing

nose [link ] provides an alternate test discovery and execution engine for unittest

unittest [link ], formerly known as PyUnit [link ] (Thanks for the heads up, Tony [link ])

doctest [link ]

py.test [link ]

Michal Watkins [link ] adds Sancho, a unit testing framework [link ].

Also, ZOPE has [link ]. There is a derivative product, also, the SchoolTool Test Runner [link ].

Jeremy Hylton’s blog has some notes [link ] on unit testing, describing

Ian Bicking also has a list of complaints about the basic unittest interface [link ], many of which are answered by the add-ons.

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