Bonaire - SCUBA

See my 1999 trip report (just prior to hurricane Lenny) and 2001 trip report for details on the Sand Dollar.

This table provides some basic information for the resorts on Bonaire, based on information in the March, 2001 issue of Rodale’s Scuba Diving.

Bonaire Dive Contacts
Operator email URL rating Resort rating rate terms
Buddy Dive B+ Buddy Dive Resort B- $567.00 7 night
Captain Don’s Habitat A- Captain Don’s Habitat B- $674.00 4 nights
Great Adventures at Harbour Village A Harbour Village Beach Resort A- $738.00 7 nights
Sand Dollar Dive & Photo B+ Sand Dollar Condominium Resort C+ $591.00 7 nights
Toucan Diving info@plazaresortbonaire A+ Plaza Resort Bonaire A- $735.00 7 nights

Sailing Charters

  • ABC Yachting offers some sailboat chartering in the Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao area.

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Other Comparison Information

  • Sand Dollar
  • Buddy Dive
  • Caribbean Court Bonaire - inland - rejected by CA
  • Plaza Resort Bonaire - south of town, semi beach/canal, risky
  • Harbour Village Beach Resort - expensive
  • Captain Don’s Habitat - fabulous diving, but no TV - reject by X and H

Also see Caribbean Adventures for booking information direct with Buddy Dive.

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